This is the main objective of the “Promotion and Support for Microbusinesses and for an Entrepreneurial Mentality” project; which encompasses two subtopics; one is technical and economic support for families that have decided to open a business. The other is consulting and coaching for educational institutions related to Law 1044 of the Ministry of National Education for entrepreneurship, through the project, “Jovenes mas emprendedores” (More entrepreneurial young adults). We believe that the time invested in an adult, until his or her entrepreneurial skills are fully realized, could be used for high-level innovation processes or business skills, if they have the possibility of discovering and strengthening the capabilities of doing business from a young age.

Over one hundred families in the municipalities of Aracataca, El Reten, Fundacion and Santa Marta in the State of Magdalena have received technical (arts and trades), business and administrative training. This has enabled them to participate in the local market and has allowed them to grow as entrepreneurs. Through the second component (entrepreneurship at school), we have been able to train over 50 teachers and at least two hundred (200) high school students.

It is important to take into account that this number is related to the people that have participated in the activities developed during the execution of the project, “Jovenes mas emprendedores” (More entrepreneurial young adults), but it does not cover every institution, totalling around two thousand (2,000) students who have received quality education that promotes entrepreneurship in the educational system with an emphasis on this type of training.

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