With the implementation of the projects “Human Beings for Peace” and “Kids, one step to the centre”, we are working to create situations that help prevent school dropout. It is not possible to reach a long-lasting peace if the school environment fosters mistreatment and poor attitudes that result in dropouts. These are the findings of the first stage of this proposal.

The objective of both projects is for parents and teachers to attain the necessary integrity and harmony to raise and educate emotionally healthy boys and girls, with a creative potential that will enable the development of new realities. We are currently working in three educational institutions in the State of Magdalena and one in the State of La Guajira, with an impact on 500 children.

In the project “Kids, one step to the centre”, we have discovered the capacity of Biodance to transform human beings. The dance of life, named after its creator, has allowed forty (40) women, with mothers of families of the Caribbean education centre in Riohacha, to identify and strengthen their potential.

They discover that despite having been victims of the Colombian conflict, family violence or affected by extreme poverty rates, they are still able to bring their happiness, confidence and inner well- being to create loving environments. The same process is carried out by teachers. The goal of this program is to provide guidance to create positive skills in parents and teachers that guarantee better social behaviour.