Her name is Gloria Orozco, but everyone knows her as Mrs. Gloria. She encompasses the courage and bravery of all those living in poverty who assume the role of ‘single mother head of family’ (as we call women who support their children without the help of a partner in Colombia).

Mrs. Gloria was a farmer and a fisherwoman, because in order to provide for seven children without anything other than love, any productive activity is a big opportunity. Mrs. Gloria came to know Don Diego farm, where she works, when it was a cattle farm with banana and coconut plantations. She still remembers how all of those products were shipped by small boat to Santa Marta because the road connecting the area to the city had not yet been built. There are very few people left who still remember that time. Seventeen years ago, when Mrs. Gloria was 47, she joined DAABON and is now about to retire on a company pension. Although she no longer does physically demanding jobs, she is still among the first to get to work each day. She arrives at the farm at 6am and asks for her tasks for the day. For most of her life Mrs. Gloria took on roles that in our society are almost always given to men due to their being physically demanding. Today she serves as an example of how the truest and most valuable strength we can have grows inside a person.